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Plain Delivery Box

A reusable delivery box with adhesive strips. Perfect for E-commerce businesses and safe shipping on long distances.
Recommended by online stores

Recommended by online stores

The top choice for thousands of online brands.
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The shipping box of your dreams
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The shipping box of your dreams

Comes with double adhesive strips to easily seal and reseal the box.
Eco-conscious delivery

Eco-conscious delivery

Made from recycled cardboard and fully recyclable.
A Chic Way to do E-commerce
Natural Kraft Cardboard
Made from three layers of corrugated cardboard with a smooth and soft finish.
Whitened Cardboard
Three layers of whitened corrugated cardboard that are sleek and soft to touch.

Made from three layers of corrugated cardboard with a smooth and soft finish.

Three layers of whitened corrugated cardboard that are sleek and soft to touch.

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Optimal functionality

Optimal Delivery With ‘Peel to open’ Adhesive Strips

Two adhesive strips to seal and reseal your Plain Delivery Box. No more tape or stickers, and great for tamper-proof delivery. Dual-adhesive strips mean your customers can reuse your box if they need to send it back to you.

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Safe delivery

Simple Shipping Elegance

Intact delivery is your e-commerce’s top priority. Plain Delivery Boxes get the job done. A classy delivery box that’s soft to the touch. With a tough and sturdy design keeping products safe until their final destination.

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Corrugated cardboard (three layers, flute E)
Material colour
Natural Kraft
Standard White
390 g/m2
Colour options
Printing process
recycled content


Can my Plain Delivery Boxes be custom-sized?

Yes, you can order custom-sized Plain Delivery Boxes as part of our Packhelp Pro range with a minimum order quantity of 1500 pieces. If you are interested in this option, please fill out the “Get a Quote” form.

Can Plain Delivery Boxes be used for shipping?

There is no better solution for shipping than Plain Delivery Boxes! With three layers of corrugated cardboard, these no-print delivery boxes are sturdy and will keep your product free from damage. The adhesive strips will also ensure the box is fully closed and not tampered with.

Are Plain Delivery Boxes eco-friendly?

Yes! Plain Delivery Boxes are made from at least 70% recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable. If you add a second adhesive strip, they can be used again in case your customer needs to send a product back to you. They are the perfect option for sustainable brands.

What box sizes do you recommend for clothes?

We recommend you use AS73 (370 x 290 x 70 mm) sized boxes. These have been specially designed for larger fashion garments. It’s the ideal choice to ship blouses, trousers, shoes and other clothing items. For smaller products, like accessories or single clothing items, we recommend you use AS55 (290 x 185 x 70 mm).

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