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Create your packaging from the ground up. Start with any packaging type and tweak it to your precise needs. Materials, sizing, printing & finishes - it’s all customisable.
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How does the ordering process work?

We start with the basics. Enter the size and quantity that you’re after, as well as any specific printing or detailing needs. For example, whether your design requires a multi-coloured print or a gloss finish. But don’t worry. You can always alter your selection later on. This is just to get the process started. Click “Get a quote” and tell us more about your packaging needs. You can even upload images of your product or other types of packaging as design references. Hit “Request a quote” and one of our packaging experts will take you through all your options.

Will my custom packaging be eco-friendly?

That’s totally up to you. The eco-friendliness of your packaging will depend on what materials, prints and finishes that you choose. This is fully-customised packaging that in turn requires a customised sustainability analysis. Don’t worry, our packaging experts will advise you on the specific eco properties of your packaging and suggest ways to make it more sustainable.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Orders start at 2500 pieces.

Why are there no specifications for this product?

That’s because this is an off-spec packaging solution. Here, every packaging order is different with its own unique specifications.

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