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Ordering packaging has finally been made easy! Our offer includes everything you’ll need to package your products – from small product boxes to durable collective packaging.

mailer boxes with logo

Mailer boxes

Made of corrugated cardboard feature easy and secure closure. They’ll serve perfectly as courier packages as well as well as the direct packaging for your product.
custom gift boxes

Product boxes

Perfect boxes for every product. Made of premium paper. Top overprint quality ensures that the boxes stand out on every shelf. Both interiors and exteriors of the box can be overprinted.
custom shipping boxes

Shipping boxes

Made of thicker and more durable corrugated cardboard, they serve perfectly as courier collective packaging. Multiple capacities available – from 26 up to 240 litres.
custom poly mailers

Poly Mailers

Lightweight and durable, poly mailers are a perfect solution for large shipments. They can serve as courier packaging as well as a protection layer for mailer and product boxes.
paper bags with logo

Paper bags

They will help you to pack your products in a stationary store and they will also be perfect for food delivery. Available in many sizes and printing variants.
rigid envelopes with logo


Available as classic and courier envelopes, created for documents, advertising brochures, corporate correspondence and even small items.
adhesive tapes custom


The detail to complement your shipping boxes. At the same time they serve as robust additional security for your shipments. Finally with your logo!
box sleeve
Coming soon

Box sleeves

Box sleeves are a complementary solution recommended for our Plain Mailer Boxes. The size of each box sleeve was perfectly matched to the dimensions of the Mailer Boxes. Box sleeves are available both in white and kraft paper.
Coming soon

Paper tubes

The paper tubes are ideal to pack long, thin products, rolled poster or clothes. The several sizes and various printing options give you full control over the design and tailor-made look. You can use paper tubes as a shipping solution, as well as a product packaging in your store.
bio poly mailer
Coming soon

Bio Poly Mailers

Take care of your brand and - at the same time - the environment! Bio Poly Mailers are a must-have solution for your online shop. The fully biodegradable poly mailers are now available with your imprint!
tissue paper

Tissue paper

Custom tissue paper is a perfect solution for wrapping your product or filling the void inside the box. You can choose from a wide range of tissue colours, with the option to create a pattern straight in our app.
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Why Packhelp?

Price and printing variants that suit your needs

Our boxes are mutlipurpose. Owing to their quality, the diversity of their usage has always astounded us. In order to make your boxes speak about your brand, there is a variety of Printing Variants. Make your box unique and choose a Variant that fits your brand, purpose and, of course, your budget.

Why Packhelp?

Ultra-intuitive Box Editor.
Design & Order in under 10 mins!

It’s a delight to design your own packaging and view it in our Box Editor! In a blink of an eye, you are able to visualise your idea. Make it unique by painting sides, adding text or uploading your own graphics.

We understand if you prefer to prepare designs in your favourite desktop app. Simply upload each side separately and let our Box Editor bring it to life thanks to our 3D preview technology.

Supported file formats: PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG

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Why Packhelp?

Your custom boxes
at your fingertips!

Download our mobile app on your iPad or iPhone and enjoy augmented reality features. Check easily if your products fit into our box and preview your packaging designs without the need of ordering samples. It’s so easy now!

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Customer Stories

Get inspired with layouts created in our online editor by our clients. Discover their stories and ideas for using our packages in advertising their products.

Packhelp Pro

Packhelp Pro is a solution designed for custom and wholesale orders. Fill in our form and tell us what you need.
  • Consult your needs with our R&D specialist, who will help you choose the best solution

  • A wide range of materials and printing variants beyond the standard offer of Packhelp

  • Custom orders and big quantities over 2500 pieces

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