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Reduced amount of material used, and less space taken up.

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Reduced amount of material used, and less space taken up.

Volume reduction definition

Volume-reduced products contain proportionally less material than some alternative packaging solutions that fulfil the same role. 

A product that takes up less volume takes up significantly less space during transit and therefore results in fewer carbon emissions produced. 

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Why you should use volume reduction

A lower volume of material has a direct correlation [1] in lower emissions and a lower carbon footprint. 

Packaging that takes up less space means more warehouse space. As volume reduced packaging is usually lighter, a small brand may also save on delivery costs. 

Why you shouldn’t use volume reduction

A brand may decide not to use volume-reduced packaging if it compromises on safety and protection. Weight-reduced packaging, while durable, is often flexible and doesn’t offer a lot of protection to fragile items. 

Packhelp and volume reduction

It’s worth noting that the most common non-volume reduce packaging option is a corrugated cardboard box. While still lightweight and hollow thanks to the corrugations, it still takes up a decent amount of space. 

Polymailers, both classic and bio-polymailers, take up significantly less volume than a corrugated box that can play the same role. 

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