Custom poly mailer bags: The Spring


For entrepreneur Marsha Nsiah, The Spring has become more than a business. With a passion for Afro hair, she has been vocal about reinventing the common practices for black hair and wants black women in the UK and around the world to embrace their natural curls.

Many of Packhelp’s customers share stories about incredibly niche businesses. So while most cosmetic brands expand product ranges, The Spring targets a very specific group with even more specific needs.

Marsha Nsiah has created an ethical concept store and a wellbeing platform. Her goal is to provide products for Afro and curly hair, and a new way to connect people with hair specialists.

All of The Spring’s hair care products are produced in the UK, are plant-based, toxin-free, cruelty-free and some are also vegan and organic.

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The Spring started with Marsha’s interest in haircare

From a young age, Marsha has been educating herself on haircare. As a child, she learned how to detangle, wash, and style thick Afro hair in mini plaits and twists (her mum’s method of choice) using old school products.

Marsha also learned how speciality hair shops around London were commonly run by Asian men without real knowledge of the needs of Black hair. And as an avid representative for Black women, she wanted to seize the opportunity to offer a change.

custom packaging for the spring

With the rise of influencers on Instagram & YouTube, Marsha started seeing posts about new, healthier and how black-owned products were gaining popularity. Women were ditching relaxers and toxic ingredients, doing big chops, and even transitioning back to their natural hair.

Marsha wanted to contribute by creating dedicated space for Black women in the UK to embrace their natural beauty and hair. And that’s how The Spring was born.

“The Spring is my first business but I've always been passionate about Afro hair and representation of Black women. From early on I realised we deserve better. From things like hardly seeing women in the media with my type of hair, to the lack of quality high street shops and products I wanted to do something about it”.

Marsha did it by bringing together ethical self-care brands that use quality ingredients and are environmentally friendly.

And with her passion and hard work, The Spring is only growing.

“I want The Spring to become the hub for all the incredible talent leading the way in ethical Black haircare, skincare and wellbeing, run by knowledgeable people providing the best service.”

Sustainable packaging of The Spring

Packaging design also plays a really important part of the branding strategy for The Spring. As an ethical brand, they care about the environment and want to show it in every detail, even packaging.

eco mailer boxe and bio poly mailer for the spring

The Spring packs it’s fantastic hair care products in Eco Mailer Boxes. Made from 90% recycled materials and a design printed with water-based ink, this product matched the brand’s ethos perfectly.

They also complemented their packaging with Bio Poly Mailers, which are made from biodegradable resin. With Eco Mailer Boxes and Bio Poly Mailers, The Spring made a perfect packaging combo to support their branding and sustainability needs.

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