5 Ways To Astonish Your Customers With Upscale Packaging

Adam Fabirkiewicz
Adam Fabirkiewicz | 5 min read

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Sprucing up your packaging can be a deal-breaker. You don’t need too much flashiness though - just the right amount will do the trick.

If someone walked up to you in the street and asked “what is your favorite packaging?”, what would you say?

Would it be something regular? Tea packaging shaped like a rectangular? A shoebox? Probably not.

I bet that you would recall something extraordinary, a packaging design that was an experience for you.

A box, which made you love the product even more than you could expect. This is what we mean by saying that packaging is a silent salesman.

However, it is not easy to design a box that will be so memorable. There are ways to embellish your packaging bundles, and this is the right place to be if you are looking for them.


#1 Novelties on the surface

Humans have an incredibly powerful sense of touch. Although most of the research indicates that sight is an essential sense for us, touch is by no means less important.

On the contrary, touch plays an immensely important role in packaging. Every customer receives a box and immediately judges its surface, its texture. Is it smooth? Is it sticky? What happens if you scrub it a little? Does the imprint wash off?

Addressing the sense of touch is not a vague concept. Many of the modern packaging designs use embossing and debossing, various foils and layers that enrich the experience of touching a box. Embossing on the packaging surface is also quickly associated with luxury.


#2 A smart closure

One of the best ways to play with your customer’s imagination is an unprecedented closure.

What does it mean?

A ribbon tied around the box or a magnetically closing box. It’s a detail, which instantly intrigues the receiver.

A closure is also a matter of the comfortable use of your packaging. It should be intuitive, but at the same time original.


#3 A Prolonged Experience

Most of the brands waste time between placing an order and the delivery. A customer should anticipate the package, like a child on the Christmas Day.

The other aspect is building on the moment of opening a box. Do not rush to show your product, wrapped in tons of bubble wrap for better protection. Respect your customer, let him or her carve that first impression in mind. Use a translucent layer of material, add a dedicated note on top of the product. Prolong the experience and see your customer more satisfied than ever.

product packaging

#4 A zesty design

The word “zesty” means energetic and eager to live.

That’s precisely what your product should say (apart from any other feature) - by choosing our brand, you choose to be full of life.

If you think this is cliche, be aware that colors and contrasts affect your customers directly.

If you are boring and ill-inspired, that’s the impression of your customers. If you play with fire and throw too many graphics and kitschy fonts, your customers will see something’s off.

A zesty design doesn’t mean going loco. A minimalist design can be zesty too. See what our clients do - Biotika and Innocence Paris have both come up with unique patterns - smooth and energetic.


innocence Paris
See the Inspiration by Innocence Paris.


biotika custom packaging
Eco Mailer Box - See the Inspiration by Biotika


#5 Lightness

Did it ever strike you that heavy packages can give a headache? Most importantly, they increase the danger of damaging during the delivery.

Not every product can be light - some goods are heavy, and there is no way around it. However, your packaging shouldn’t add unnecessary weight. A metal ornament attached to the box might look extravagant, but it will also influence the final weight. In the end, your customer will not appreciate the effort, because his effort in lifting will be much more critical.

Choose packaging add-ons, which look good, but do not ask your customers to test their back’s strength.

bespoke boxes

This Box Rocks packaging - light cardboard box with a creative design.

There you go - here are five elements of packaging, which you can work on.

Remember that you do not have to incorporate all of our tips. Choose even one aspect - maybe work on your box design, order a series of new boxes and see what it brings you? A little bit of rebranding can rejuvenate your look.

We will be happy to assist you with your inquiry - click here and describe your needs to us via Packhelp Plus. Our team will be back with details!


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