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These products can be used to send items securely more than once.

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These products can be used to send items securely more than once.

Multiple-use definition

Product with the multiple-use tag can be used to send a product via post more than once. They are designed to send a product from the brand to the client and back, in case of a return, refund or replacement. 

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Why you should use multiple-use packaging

According to many industry innovators, reuse is the key to a circular economy [1]

Brands that have a lenient return, refund and guarantee policy might want to use multiple-use packaging, as it’s a convenience for their customer to have packaging ready to send back. This means the customer doesn’t have to buy new packaging to send it back or use more materials like tape to repair the already used packaging. 

Multiple-use packaging also means that the material is reused again before being sent to recycling, thus taking more steps out of both circular and linear economies. 

Why you shouldn’t use multiple-use packaging

A brand may not opt for multiple-use packaging if they have specific design requirements, thus limiting their packaging solutions. 

Packhelp and multiple-use packaging

Packhelp believes that using a product more than once is crucial to making a customer’s life easier, but also reducing the use of raw materials. Expanding our range of products that can be used to send items more than once is a high priority.

Our commitment to sustainable packaging

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