20 Ideas for Your Christmas Packaging

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As the days get colder and a little shorter, our minds can’t help but skip ahead to everyone’s favourite time of year – the Holidays. No matter which Holiday you celebrate, the happiness in the air is infectious. 

It may seem a bit early to be thinking about ornaments and presents, but if you’re a business owner, the Holidays have been on your mind for quite some time now. There’s a whole lot of marketing to do and some strict deadlines to meet!

One area you may have overlooked though is holiday-themed packaging for your business.

If people buy a Starbucks coffee on the first day of Winter just so they can get the iconic Holiday-designed cup, why can’t your brand work on a similar idea?

Great packaging goes a long way to help your branding and stirs up excitement in your customers.

Looking for some fresh ideas for your Holiday packaging this year?

We’ve got you covered!

Read on for 20 of our best ideas (photos included!).

Custom-Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes

There’s nothing that says ‘value’ to a customer more than a custom Holiday design printed on your gift and/or shipping boxes.

If it’s not something you feel comfortable doing yourself, have a graphic designer or artist come up with a Holiday design that embodies your brand. At Packhelp, we can print whatever you’d like on a mailer box, product box, or shipping box.

Enhance your customers’ unboxing experience this Christmas. 

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Here are four ideas to get your juices flowing:

Lines of Various Holiday Songs in Script Fonts

Various Holiday Songs

There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire listening to Holiday music. It’s a pastime that people of all ages love. Why not print a favourite Holiday song in a beautiful font (nothing says the Holidays like a script font!) on your box this upcoming season?

This Christmas, level-up your brand awareness with custom packaging.

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Use Accents of Holiday Colors

Holiday Colors

 If you’re not looking for a big change this Holiday season, there’s nothing wrong with just adding a pop of Holiday colour to your packaging. Red, green, blue, white – use whatever colours you prefer!

Make your small business memorable with branded boxes.

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Print Your Logo in Holiday Colors on the Box

Logo in Holiday Colors

A little brand recognition really does a long way. Simply change the colours in your logo to seasonal colours and print on your packaging.

Print Holiday Patterns on the Box

Holiday Patterns

Snowflakes, pine trees, ornaments, reindeer and the fat man himsel, Santa– the possibilities are endless.

Choose your favorite Holiday pattern (or create your own) and print on your box for a bit of festive cheer.

Decorate Boxes Yourself

If you normally use simple packaging, like a white or brown box, why not decorate your box for the Holidays?

Adding a little something extra to your packaging will create brand recognition and add a little more ‘special’ to your product when it’s given as a gift.

Keep reading for our ideas on how to decorate your box for the Holidays.

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Use Decorative Stickers

Christmas Stickers

Adding Holiday stickers to your boxes is a great way to spruce up designs without designing brand new packaging. You can find Holiday stickers almost anywhere, or use a company that allows you to design and print your own custom stickers – Stickershop is our favourite for that.

Try Decorative Tape Instead

Decorative tape

Similar to stickers, decorative tapes are another great way to spruce up your packaging for the Holidays. With packhelp, you can design your own custom-printed tape to add a bit of Holiday fun to your packages!

Email us to design your own custom tape!

Decorate with Nature – Include dried greens, pine cones, or small wreaths to give a rustic elegance

Decorate with Nature

If you have the time and resources to decorate each box by hand, using greenery is a fantastic idea.

Dried eucalyptus, pines, and other darker greens, really embody the Holiday spirit. Adding a tiny pine cone is an excellent touch, as well as small wreaths if you have the time to make them. The result is a natural, beautiful box that is sure to excite anyone who receives it.

This Christmas, post your products in branded mailing boxes. 

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A little ribbon can go a long way

Christmas Ribbon

Wrapping your box in ribbon is a simple yet elegant way to add a touch of Holiday spirit to your packaging. Try using two or three ribbons to create an intricately woven pattern.

Wrap the Top in Holiday Wrapping Paper to Look like a Present

Wrapping Paper

Even if you need to save both time and money on your Holiday packaging, there are plenty of options to choose from.

For instance – If you use a two-piece box, simply wrap the top in Holiday wrapping paper for an instant upgrade to your packaging.

Tie a small ornament or cat bell on the boxJingle Bells on the Box

During the Holiday season, you can find small ornaments and jingle bells everywhere.

They are super cute and you can use them in your packaging!

Using Holiday tape or string, attach them to your packaging to add a touch of Holiday spirit.

Use Chalkboard Paper to Wrap Boxes and Draw Personal Notes and Designs

Chalkboard Paper Box

Chalkboard paper has so many uses – you can put it on your wall and write grocery lists and even use it as a sign for an event you’re hosting. It works great as packaging too –simply wrap your normal box with chalkboard paper and voilà – you now have a blank slate for Holiday messages and wishes.

This Christmas, level-up your brand awareness with custom packaging.

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Custom-Printed Bags Instead of Boxes

Though it may not be anything life-changing, this simple Holiday update to your packaging can make a big difference. People love to receive seasonally branded packaging, and a cute bag is one of many options.

We do recommend using bags for traditional retail purchase, rather than ordered online.

Design your own custom-printed bags to help you bring your vision to life.

And if you’re really looking for a way to spruce things up…

Try Using Tinsel Instead of Tissue Paper


Tissue paper works great all-year round, but kick it up a notch for the Holidays.

Try using tinsel instead of tissue paper for a cute and simple surprise.

Include Something Personal

One way to really connect with your audience is to show them personal information – whether it be the story of how you started the company, a note of encouragement, or a small fact about you, personalization helps you connect.

What better time to focus on connecting than the Holidays?

Print Holiday Wishes Inside the Box

Holiday Wishes

To open a box and find Holiday wishes printed on the side or added with a sheet of paper is pretty special. It tells your customers that you took the time to personally wish them a happy Holiday season.

Create a Gift Guide and Include it in Every Box

Gift Guide

People love the kind of gift guides that are all over the Internet during the Holiday season.

But not many retailers take the time to print a gift guide and include it in their customer’s purchases.

Give your customers ideas of what else they can buy for the loved ones this Holiday season!

Interested in using bespoke product packaging this Christmas period? 

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Add a Personal Note Printed in Handwritten Font

Handwritten font

If you don’t have time to write a handwritten note inside every box (quite understandable), print a note in a handwritten font so it still looks special.

Include a Holiday Photo

Holiday Photo

Print copies of an old family photo or take a new photo with you and your employees to include in your box. Your customers will love this simple gesture of personalization.

We hope our ideas inspire you to create Holiday packaging of your own.

Custom packaging goes a long way for your business and your customers will be thrilled to see that you’re getting in the Holiday spirit.

If you need help turning your ideas into reality, be sure to contact us at Packhelp to get started.

Phil Forbes

Phil Forbes

Marketer @ Packhelp

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