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What printing options are available for packaging tapes?

We use PANTONE colours to print on packaging tape, so we suggest that the graphic designs on tapes are unicolour and not overly complicated. Tapes are great for branding, so the best graphic design is a logo.

What is the production time of tapes?

The production time is 21 days. The shipping is 3-5 business days in the entire EU. We also offer the express production that reduces the time to 14 days. You can choose the option of an express production in the editor.

What is the minimum size of an order for tape?

The minimum size of an order of adhesive tapes with an imprint is 36 rolls.

Is the print on packaging tapes durable?

Yes. Each roll is covered with an additional layer of varnish that secures the imprint from washing off. Therefore, your logo printed on the adhesive tape will not get damaged during shipping. In terms of temperature, the imprints are resistant against temperatures ranging from -10C to +45C.

Do you offer adhesive tapes with a customised print?

Yes, you can print on a roll of tape. An adhesive tape is made of a foil with glue on one side that is covered with an additional layer of colourless varnish, protecting the paint from wearing off. We recommend tapes as a branding addition to your Mailer Boxes or Shipping Boxes.

Do you use CMYK in printing on the packaging tapes?

We can offer CMYK in orders of more than 720 rolls. All orders below that number are printed in PANTONE. Remember that prints on adhesive tapes are performed in a unicolour method.

Can I design packaging tapes in the online editor?

Yes, tapes are available in the online editor. Click here to start designing.

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