Latex printing

Latex printing technique allows to print on many various materials: foils, paper, canvas, polyester and other coated or non-coated materials. Thanks to using a water base in the paints, this type of print is 100% eco-friendly. The latex printing allows for very saturated colours.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a technique used for small batches (even from one piece) for paper and cardboard up to 300 g/m2 of grammage.

UV printing

UV printing is a digital type, where paints are fixed by UV rays. This modern technique of pritning designs on flat surfaces provides very high durability and high photo quality. It also shortens the time required for the print to dry, which causes the production time to be shorter too.

Offset Print

It is a type of flat printing technique, in which an image is transferred from a flat print form (1 colour = 1 film) on a paper by using a cylinder. In case of the offset printing, CMYK space colour is used.

We use offset printing in big batches of Full Color mailer boxes.


Flexography is a form of printing process which utilises a flexible relief plate. It is the most common printing technique and most universal for various surfaces.

What is CMYK?

The CMYK color model is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself. We use CMYK color model to print our boxes.

CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing:

  • cyan,
  • magenta,
  • yellow,
  • and key (black).

For now, we do not use PANTONE colors, if you want to use PANTONE colors in your project, please contact us.


RGB is the colour space typical of screens and all backlit surfaces. The RGB model consists of three basic colours:

  •  Red,
  •  Green,
  •  Blue,

The combination of which allows us to create all derivative colours.

Colour space

A colour space is a range of colours that can be obtained in print (CMYK) or on the screen (RGB). In great simplification:

  • the print is the CMYK area,
  • the screen is the RGB area.

Note! Not all the colours visible on the screen in the RGB space can be reproduced in print.

ICC colour profile

The ICC colour profile is defined an *.icc file that maps colours from one space to another. Colour profiles are used by printing houses to interpret the colours included in a design and then to properly transfer them in the form of ink and colours onto paper in a printing machine.

File format

The file format determines the technology in which the file has been saved. It is most often defined in the file extension (e.g. filename.pdf). Different formats have various functionalities. Some support the CMYK colour, while others – transparency.

The Packhelp box editor supports four file formats: PDF, PNG, JPEG and SVG.

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