Can I order via email?

It’s possible, but it would take you a lot more time and stress than any other way. We have three super easy ways to place an order: 

  1. You can design and order your custom packaging in minutes via our Shop.
  2. For larger orders, you can get an instant quote or a custom quote via our wholesale service: Packhelp Plus.
  3. If you need something specific that you didn’t find on our website, you can request a custom quote here

Still not sure? Just drop us an e-mail here: [email protected]

How can I check the status of my parcel?

The status of your parcel can be checked via the order number. You receive such number in a mail confirming that your order is ready for shipping. You will also find a direct link to the courier company, which will handle your shipping. However, you can also ask us (if so, please provide us with your order number).

What is the minimum size of an order?

The minimal size of an order for boxes designed in the box editor is always 30 pieces. In the case of non-standard orders, the minimum size of an order will always be higher. Do you need more details? Contact us.

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