Can I design Paper Bags in the online editor?

Yes! You can create your paper bags in our online editor. Click here to view the product page, which will help you start designing.

What is a paper bag?

A paper bag is a packaging solution made from the recycled paper. It’s light and durable, perfect for restaurants or as an additional packing layer for mailer boxes. There are two types of paper bags available in Packhelp – white and natural (brown). The imprint can be created on both sides of a paper bag and available in colors from the PANTONE color space.

What printing technique is used in paper bags?

We use screen printing method in paper bags.

What is the thickness of paper in paper bags?

The grammage of the paper in a paper bag is ca. 90-100 g/m2.

Can I print on the entire space of a paper bag?

Each paper bag has a designated space for your graphic design. This space depends on the size of the paper bag. Each diecut template has that print space exhibited. Remember that your graphic design should never cross the lines of the print space in the diecut template.

What is the minimum thickness of lines and fonts in paper bags?

The minimum thickness of the line is 0,1 mm. The minimum size of the font is 6 points.

Do paper bags match the sizes of particular mailer boxes?

Paper bags are not matched with the particular mailer boxes.

Which size of a paper bag is suitable for a wine bottle?

Great question! We have a dedicated size of the paper bag for wine bottles – it’s the B63.

What is the production time for paper bags?

The standard production time is 21 days. The production starts once the payment for the order is realised. The 21 days period is counted from that moment. Our offer includes express delivery too. In that case the production time is only 14 days. Please note that the delivery time is not included in the production time. The delivery takes from 3 to 5 business days.

What color space is used for print on paper bags?

We use a unicolor PANTONE imprint in our paper bags.

What kind of imprint is possible on a paper bag?

We use a unicolor PANTONE imprint in our paper bags.

Are paper bags suitable for contact with food?

If you are in charge of a restaurant and need a packaging solution for food delivery, then our paper bags are perfect for you. We use eco-friendly materials to produce them and water colors. This means that they are suitable for contact with food (although we always suggest using an additional layer of paper or foil dedicated to use for food).

What are the color variants of paper bags?

Paper bags are available in two variants – white and brown (natural color of the recycled paper).

Can you print in color on a paper bag?

Yes. Our paper bags are available in two variants – white and brown. A unicolor imprint from the PANTONE palette is available in both of these options.

What is the minimum quantity per order for paper bags?

The minimum quantity of paper bags per order is 30 pieces.

Are paper bags suitable for recycling?

Yes, our paper bags are a 100% suitable for recycling. They are made from ecological materials. We also use water colors in the printing process, which are also eco-friendly.

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