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Can I order Product, Mailer and Shipping boxes without an imprint?

Currently, we offer Mailer and Shipping boxes without imprint. However, we adjust our offer constantly to the needs of our customers, so it is possible that we will add other options too.

What is the shipping time for the no print boxes?


The production time depends on the box variant, whilst shipping time on the localisation. The boxes without imprint are produced within 7 days. The shipping may take from 3 to 5 business days.

Does the free shipping policy include sample packs?

Yes! Sample packs shipping is free. You only pay for the product itself.

What type of printing do you use?

Our standard is digital printing (apart from Eco Color boxes). A one-color black imprint is used for Eco and Eco White Mailer Boxes. We print in CMYK in Full Color Mailer Boxes and Product Boxes. The Eco Color Mailer Boxes are printed using UV print method. If you wish to order bigger quantities of mailer boxes, we can offer other printing techniques as well. In Eco and Eco White we can offer flexography, whilst for Full Color and Eco Color – offset printing. If you wish to know whether the size of your order can be printed with flexography or offset, please contact us.

What paper do you use to manufacture product boxes?

Classic product boxes are made of high quality Chromocard carton, with a triple coated front and 300 g/m2 grammage.

For the two piece product boxes we use a high quality Arktika double-coated carton, with a single-coated bottom and grammage of 300 g/m2.

Cartons used for the production of product boxes are FSC and ISEGA certified and are recommended for direct contact with food.

What paperboard do you use to manufacture shipping boxes?

In the case of shipping boxes, we use three- or five-layer natural corrugated cardboard.

For the K90 and K105 sizes we use the cardboard with B flute (approx. 3mm) and grammage of 450 g/m2.

For the K130, K150, K180 and K200 sizes we use the cardboard with BE flute (3mm + 2mm) and grammage of 660 g/m2.

What paperboard do you use to manufacture mailer boxes?

In the case of mailer boxes, we use three-layer corrugated cardboard – natural or one-sided bleached.

For the F23, F33, F44, F45, F52, F59, F62, F71, F79, F93 sizes and for all non-standard sizes smaller than F93, we use the cardboard with E flute (approx. 2 mm) and grammage of 340 g/m2. For the F112 size, we use the cardboard with B flute (approx. 3 mm) and grammage of 450 g/m2.

On request we can make boxes in a non-standard size we can make cardboard boxes with wave E or B.

The Full Color Boxes have an additional layer of underlay on which to print. For this purpose we use high quality GD2 cardboard with a weight of 210 g/m2.

In the Full Color variant we offer an additional layer of foil – matte or glossy.

What is a product box?

Product boxes are small size boxes, made of elegant Chromocard or Arktika paperboard. They are designed to astonish your customers with an exquisite look on the store shelves. We created the product boxes as a primary packaging for jewelry, accessories, cosmetics or perfumes. They are available in two base textures – white and natural kraft.

What paperboard do you use to manufacture your boxes?

Mailer and shipping boxes are made of corrugated cardboard; three- or five-layer.

Classic product boxes are made of high quality Chromocard paper, and Two piece product boxes are made of Arktika paper.

Can I use your boxes to send food?

Yes. According to the EU regulations packaging made of paper and corrugated cardboard is generally suitable for direct and indirect food packaging. However, if you want to pack food products or ready meals directly into the corrugated cardboard boxes, we recommend using additional parchment paper.

Product boxes without an inside print are recommended for direct contact with food, and the Chromocard and Arktika cartons from which they are produced are ISEGA certified.

What is a shipping box?

A shipping box is, at the same time, a packaging made of corrugated fibreboard, whose bottom and lid form characteristic flaps that can be locked or secured with an adhesive tape. It is the shipping boxes that are most often referred to as “cardboard boxes”.

The most important feature of shipping boxes is their ease of assembly thanks to the fact that their two side walls are glued together in the production process. This type of packaging is delivered unassembled to occupy less space.

Shipping boxes are most often used as secondary packaging or in the transport of large-sized items (e.g. household appliances).

The type of shipping boxes offered by Packhelp is the FEFCO 201.

What is a mailer box?

A mailer box is a paperboard packaging designed to store and send your products. Thanks to interlocking flaps and wings, it is easy to assemble and requires no adhesive tape to be assembled and closed. Its double side walls make it durable and more resistant to transport than other types of paperboard packaging. This way it can be used many times.

The type of mailer boxes offered by Packhelp is the FEFCO 427.

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