A mistake in the design

Our DTP team will contact you if your project will not meet the requirements of our specification. In such case, we will ask you to send to use your project again after it’s corrected. We also advise to review our guidelines and tips. They appear in the box editor before finalising the order.

Remember that we do not fix mistakes in any design like misspellings or wrongly placed images. Do not change the dieline template either, as it may result in mistakes in the print.

Do not enlarge your graphics using the resampling option

If your graphics are too small in the box editor, the simple enlargement (extension) in the Photoshop software will make them lose their quality. Your graphics software will have to “think up” the additional pixels, which will not be able to correspond to the actual contents of the graphics.

Only vector designs can be freely enlarged.

Remember that the preferred print resolution is 300 dpi.

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