What products can fit in Mailer Boxes?

Mailer Boxes vary in terms of sizes. This means that there is plenty of products that can be shipped in mailer boxes. Here’s a list of our standard sizes and possible products that can fit.

  • F23 and F33 are the smallest ones in the range of Mailer Boxes. Those sizes are perfect for small items like jewelry, accessories like wallets or packed candies.
  • F44 and F45 are medium-size boxes. We can recommend them to e-commerce owners of cosmetics shops, small gadgets etc.
  • F52 and F56 can serve well in sending DVDs, books and other items that are rather flat. These sizes provide a unique exposure of such items.
  • F62, F71 and F79 are designed for shipping clothing. F62 is perfect for lingerie and some smaller items, whilst F71 and F79 are the best choices for t-shirts, jerseys and all kinds of garments.
  • Our biggest sizes of Mailer Boxes – F93 and F112 – can perfectly serve as subscription boxes.

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